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Please read these rules and regulations. Your acknowledgement will be required in your application form and all Merchants, Entertainers and Staff will be held accountable.

These Rules are subject to Change at the Faire Administration's discretion.
It is the responsibility of the vendor to read these rules and convey them to their staff.

Rules and Regulations


1. Illegal drugs are prohibited from Faire grounds at all times. This is a Drug-Free Zone.
2. No outside Alcohol is to be brought into the Faire.
3. Vendors, Entertainers, Staff and Volunteers may not drink alcohol during Faire hours.
4. There is no Smoking in front of patrons. If you are a Vendor, Entertainer, Staff or Volunteer
and need a smoke, please use the designated Smoking Area and PICK up your BUTTS.




1. We are here to transport our guests to another time. Period dress/costume is required. This
is not an option. Jeans, logo T-shirts or obvious sneakers is not approved Faire attire.
2. No stand alone Pop-Up tents. All tents MUST be “dressed.” In other words, made to look
period, or have an ambience related to the goods/service that you are selling.
3. Please, No Vinyl Signage! All Booth signs and advertising should be Hand Made.



1. No Fire pits are allowed to be dug. Above ground fires must be in fire pits that can be contained.
2. Quiet hours are between 11pm & 6am. Please be respectful of your fellow campers.
3. Vehicles Must be Parked in your designated camping area.
4. Leave no trash behind. Please, use the dumpster for all your garbage.



1. Children are the responsibility of their parents/guardians, from the time you set up to the time
you leave. Any child caught misbehaving will be brought back to their guardians and you will
then be asked to leave.
2. Children are welcome to add to the ambience of the Faire by being in full costume.
3. Children are not allowed to beg or panhandle.



1. There is to be no use of foul language.
2. Obscene, lewd or indecent behavior is unacceptable and will result in expulsion.
3. This is a family show, please use your best judgement.



1. All menus and prices must be approved.
2. The sale of beverages is strictly prohibited, with the exception of Specialty Drink Vendors.
3. All food merchants must follow all County and State Health Code Guidelines.



1. There is a Strict NO PET POLICY.
2. Service Animals are welcome with current vaccination and proof of rabies.
3. All Service Animals will be leashed, a second reminder to leash your animal, will result in you being asked to take the animal away.

4. Any out of control animals will be removed from the property.
5. Pick up after your animals!



1. Parking for Merchants, Entertainers will be assigned by the faire at the end of Osprey Lane were intersects with Eagle Lane.
2. Parking for Campers will be in the camp grounds at the end of Osprey Lane were intersects with Eagle Lane..
3. All Merchants/Entertainers/Staff/Volunteers and Campers will be provided with designated parking
passes that must be displayed on the dash of their vehicles at all times.



1. Power spaces are an additional fee $75 and are very limited.(Entertainers will be provided power at there stage/place of  performance as needed) 
2. Proper power cords must be used.
3. All hoses and power cords must be covered properly as to avoid tripping hazards and for the
ambience of the Faire.
4. The water main has one splitter, you must also have a splitter connected to your hose.
Basically, Don't hog the water.



1. All Booths, Carts, Tents MUST have a working Fire Extinguisher.
2. Tent Tie Downs and Ropes Must be clearly marked as to avoid Tripping Hazards.
3. All Weapons MUST be PEACE TIED. (excluding those of approved entertainers and only in performance area during performance)
4. NO LIVE fire arms are Allowed.



1. Security will be located across from the front towers, on the inside of the Faire.
2. We will have limited security on Thursday and Friday night before the faire. Safeguard your
wares accordingly. Leaving your wares unattended is at your own risk.
3. Saturday through Sunday 24 hour Security will be on site. However, KOV/JRF is not
responsible for any theft or damage that may occur. Each Vendor is to properly secure their
own area.
4. All vendors will be provided ID for Booth personnel and their vehicles. Vendor ID’s must be
provided at all security check points and entrance gates. Vehicle passes must be displayed
on vehicle windshields at all times.


Set-up/ Breakdown

1. All Merchants, Entertainers, Staff, and Volunteers MUST check-in with the Coordinators on Set-up date/arrival.

NO set-ups will be permitted without contact with the coordinator first. All Merchant spaces and performance areas are
2. Tent set-up must be completed by 8 am day of show. Product and performances must be set and ready one
hour before opening gate.
3. No merchant will be allowed access onto property to set-up during Faire hours. The Service
Gate will be closed to in coming traffic by 8am.

4. ALL vehicles must be off site and parked in designated parking by 9am.
5. Merchant spaces must be manned and open for business at all times during faire hours.
6. No packing-up/tearing down early, unless asked to by security and/or the merchant
coordinator. In the case of hazardous weather, security will inform you of such a threat and
you may be asked to start breaking down.
7. All booths, stages, performance areas and Merchants Areas MUST remain Clean. Please make sure during breakdown
to gather ALL used ZIP ties, ropes, tape, ect. A $100.00 Clean-up fee will be charged if your
area is not clean.
8. DO NOT use the trash cans throughout the Faire for your personal trash. There will be a
designated area in the camping lot for you to remove your booths’/area's trash.



1. Sales of any steel edge weapons to Minors is prohibited.
2. Any merchant selling weapons MUST have signage in place stating “NOT FOR SALE TO
3. All weapons must be peace tied. (excluding those of approved entertainers and only in performance area during performance)
4. No live firearms are allowed.



1. There are no rain dates and no refunds will be granted in the event of inclement weather.

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