November 2021 - exact Dates and Time to be announced

30569 Osprey Lane, Robertsdale, Alabama

Formerly the Mobile Renaissance Fair

Admission: Kids 4 & under free - Ages 5-12 $10 - Adults $15

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We would like to take a moment to thank all of the hard working individuals, whom without the faire would not have been possible.

Thank you to all the Entertainers, Vendors, Volunteers, Staff, and of course our patrons. You have made our hope for a faire a reality and we wish you all the best.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible next year. Let us keep this going and have many seasons to come.

Thank you all.

In Robertsdale Alabama, the past comes to life.

The former Mobile Renaissance Fair is now home for anew Knights of Valour production. We invite everyone to come and be jubilant as this fair becomes the Jubilee Renaissance Faire.

We shall have 2 days of adventure and excitement for people of all ages. The Jubilee Renaissance Faire is a veritable "Cirque Du Medieval" with activities and performances fit for royalty, as can only be presented by the Knights of Valour.

 Make your way from far and wide to this extravaganza for the senses.

Enjoy your journey through time while shopping at a selection of merchants and artisans, for unique items not easily found in the common store. 

There is food  to satisfy even the hungriest barbarian and cold beverages to slake the thirst of all weary travelers.

Then it's time to satisfy your thirst for adventure.

With 5 stages of constant Live entertainment you will find scheduled shows, such as plays in Shakespearean or comedia dell'arte tradition, as well as anachronistic audience participation comedy routines. Other performances include dancers, magicians, musicians, jugglers, and singers. 


You will also find historic learning demonstrations and streets scattered with Noble Knights, Princesses, Dragon Slayers, Mighty Kings, Wizards and many more exciting characters.

Be shocked and amazed by death defying feats as for the first time you witness The Wheel of Death

Ichabod Wainwright will amaze and amuse you in his 30-foot-tall wooden wheel of death. Running, jumping, flipping and much more, Ichabod flies through a performance filled with comedy; but make no jokes folks, this act is as dangerous as it is funny.

With Ichabod's razor sharp wit, you have a show fit for kings or kids!

WOD splat.png

Enjoy Medieval Games of Skill, such as Archery or Axe throwing. 

War Horse rides, a Falconry demonstration and other live animal exhibitions are a treasure you will long remember.

The main event of the fair is the most exciting sport ever created. A Real full contact Jousting Tournament. The Knights of Valour are world renowned for their prowess atop horse with lance in hand. Grab a seat and don't miss the explosive action. You can only see this kind of jousting from The Knights of Valour.


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