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Enjoy a feast fit for a King! 

Imagine walking into the great hall of a castle built long long ago.  The tables set in long rows side by side topped with ornate candelabras filled with the warm glow of the candles within them.  

You take your seat along side other Nobles just like you all in anticipation of the arrival of the King.  The thrones are set upon the stage and the King takes his place.  

The announcement is made, let the feast begin!  Entertainers from far and wide, ready themselves to entertain you and all the Noble guests while you eat with your hand the scrumptious meal set in front of you.  

Does this sound like a dream?  Well let Knights Of Valour make this dream come true! Contact us for more information on designing a Nobles Feast just for you and your Royal Guests!


Examples of our Nobles feast can be experienced at our Spring Afaire get TICKETS and enjoy feeling like a royal. 

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