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Our resources include horses, costumes, armour, weapons and intimate knowledge of medieval warfare.

We can accommodate a range of events from a small classroom visit by a Knight with arms and armour display, to a full tournament show complete with Knights, horses, pageantry and excitement.

With a large display of authentically reproduced weapons and armour, the history of each piece, along with its advantages and weaknesses in tournament or warfare, are discussed.

Small group or large, we can put together an educational package to suit your lesson plan and budget. 

Educational Program Video

The Knights of Valour jousting troupe has the resources and equipment necessary for the accurate and authentic representation of the days of Knights from past to present.

We have tournament shows designed for a wide range of educational curricula.

As an active joust troupe, we fully encourage young people to read and research the Medieval Age.

But how many of them can get first-hand information from a Knight who has competed in a real jousting tournament? Through the Knights of Valour, this is possible!

Schools should endeavor to arrive by 9:45 am. 

Main show in the arena starts at 10:00 am, pending delay for late arrivals.

Lunch starts approximately at 11:30 (depending on late show start)

Demonstration PODs start at 12:00 noon, SHARP!

Day ends at 2:00pm

After the end of the day students are free to return to presenters and ask extra questions or get autographs.

Educators Please be aware when booking. We allow a ratio of 1 free chaperone (teachers included) to every 10 students. Any extra chaperones wishing to attend will be required to pay the admission fee.

Ancient Warriors And Civilzations Tour 


For classroom & School visits, please contact us so we can customize a show tailored to your needs!

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