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The New York Times
"On the day before the Gulf Coast International Championship began, Shane Adams convened a meeting with the competitors to go over the rules.  
A 6-foot-4 Canadian whose red hair and perpetual grin give him the air of a big-pawed Irish setter, Adams is both North American jousting's biggest star and its most dedicated promoter, having produced six tournaments in Canada between 1999 and 2006 (He lost money on each.) This tournament would be his first in the US."  
Since then Shane has made astounding accomplishments throughout the United States with the sport of Jousting.  He landed his first TV show as the executive producer and host of  Histories, Full Metal Jousting (FMJ) along with appearing on dozens of networks.   
Since 1997, the Knights of Valour have been entertaining North American audiences with exciting shows of horsemanship, bravery, and chivalry.
The tradition continues as our newest season is filled with opportunities to see us at fairs, festivals, special events, and Extreme Jousting tournaments all over North America.
No matter what type of event, the Athletes and crew of the Knights of Valour are ready to entertain you in a style worthy of Kings!

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